Time line for Martin Luther King Jr.

  • 1929  Jan. 15 Martin Luther King Jr. is born
  • 1944  Began Morehouse College
  • 1947  Ordained as minister
  • 1953  Married Coretta Scott
  • 1955  Montgomery Bus Boycott
  • 1960  Sit-in demonstration and freedom rides began
  • 1964  Won Nobel Peace Prize
  • 1968  Apr.4 shot and killedin Memphis, TN, at the age of 39

Martin’s Life

Martin Luther King JR. never paid attention to skin color. Soon Martin Learned that his skin color mattered to people. It was a lesson he never forgot. That is way Martin’s school had only African-American children. Martin Luther King JR. was born in January 15, 1929. Martin skipped two years of high school. He married Correta Scott in 1953. They had 4 children. Martin Luther King LR. felt he could end the unfair treatment of African-American. A woman Rosa Park followed Dr.King’s suggestion. She was arrested for breaking a law that said Black and White people cannot sit together on city buses. Dr.King met President Kennedy several times. President Kennedy was a popular leader who served just 2 years and 10 months. Over 250,000 people listened to Dr.King’s ” I Have A Dream” speech. Many more watched on television. the speech gave Americans courage and hope. One of the part that Dr.King said was ” I have a dream that my four children will one day live in nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. On April 4, 1968 Dr.King stood in his balcony by his motel room waiting for his friends. Across the parking lot, a White man Named James Earl Ray pointed a gun at him and shot Martin. Martin Luther King JR. died.

Making different rules

When Martin Luther King was not born yet, the white people started to make their own rule in the town. They didn’t let the dark color skin people in the bus and other stores. Like when Rosa Park got arrest for not moving out of the seat. Then they started to make their own rules by separating dark and white. But when Martin was born he did like what he saw. Then he grew up and they went to the Washington Monument. Over 250,000 people came to see his speech. He said ” We have to be together so people could go anywhere.” Because People are tired of walking on the sidewalk. Their shoe even need to be replaced. So Martin was in a hotel and got shot in the stomach. Martin was a good guy.

Segregation &; Freedom

Segregation is separation between human groups. Gender segregation separating boys and girls. Racial segregation is the separation between all races(Asians, Latinos, Africans, Russian and ETC)  When their mixed up we can be together. He wanted freedom so people could go to lots of places.


Being Together

When Martin was a little kid the white people made their own rules in the city. But when Martin grew up it was not fair to the people who had dark skin. Because they can go in shops, bathrooms, buses, and other places. So Martin Luther King went to the Washington Monument. Over 250,000 people listen to his speech. And that’s how we be came together. What  ever color skin you have we’ll all be together.

Freedom for life

Martin Luther King wanted freedom for our life. He wants everyone to be together to ride buses. Even that we could go to shops and other place. Like when Rosa Park was in the bus and got arrested for not moving out of the seat in the bus. He ended the segregation by telling everyone to stop all this segregation.

Martin’s speech

Martin’s speech was that everyone have to be together. He said ” I Have A Dream Speech”. Some people agree with him. It’s like everyone came to the speech. He like what he said to everyone in the town. After he finish his speech he went to a hotel